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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  December 30, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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. this is 9news now. >> i did what i thought was needed to just keep everybody safe and just go on instinct and helping others. >> more than a dozen families are alive and well thanks to this man. only on nine, we sit down with the security guard who helped get them out of the apartment inferno. but first the other big story tonight, the icy winter weather. >> we're here with meteorologist devon lucie. what can we expect for the morning commute? >> i think things can be a little dicey, especially northwest of the district. and you might want to give yourself a little extra time. we're not talking this might be a several hour commute coming in, but it will be a little slower, especially when you talk about the winter precipitation moving in. when you're at freezing or below before an event comes in, you know anything that falls, whether it's rain or anything
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else, then it's going to freeze. we have a winter weather advisory in effect for everyone shown here. you have to go to eastern maryland and virginia to see regions not in that winter weather advisory because we zoom out and start to see the first size of this pretty decent winter storm rolling through. this isn't going to be a big huge storm. most of it's going to race out to sea before it comes together. but, again, we're talking freezing rain, sleet, even some snow. and we could see some totals closer to the district before we get down to it tomorrow midday. we'll have the exact timing and what it's going to be for you. >> thank you, devon. when fire raced through an apartment building last night, only one man was hurt badly enough to require hospitalization. the security officer who was racing door to door fighting the choking smoke trying to get residents safely out of that burning building. well now he's out of the hospital, back at work, and in an interview with gary nurenberg, resisting the claims
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that firefighters that he's a hero. gary, he sounds like a hero to me. >> reporter: he seems to be breathing a little easily. nick took in so much smoke warning residents to get out that he couldn't start coughing. when the vomiting started, his supervisors had to order him to get stop and get help for himself. before the first, second third and fourth alarms that brought more than 125 firefighters here tonight. >> i noticed there was strong smoke and noticed smoke coming out of the building. >> reporter: the officer nick heirs punched the fire alarm and called the fire department. >> i knocked on the doors. i started up on the third floor where the smoke was the heaviest. i just was banging on doors, yelling security, i need everybody to evacuate the building. there is a fire. >> reporter: from the third floor to the second, then the first, the basement.
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>> most of the people reacted immediately. >> reporter: then into a second connected building, third floor to the basement, breathing smoke all the way. >> just continuously coughing, being out of breath. >> he just kept coughing and coughing. he did inhale a lot of smoke. >> reporter: nick was the only person hurt enough to be hospitalized. >> as a result of making some significant efforts to remove people from the building. >> reporter: residents are greatful. >> he could have possibly taken his own life. >> reporter: wednesday night he was back on the job guarding the scene and rejecting the label hero. >> it's the way i was brought up just helping others and making sure just helping everybody else around me. >> reporter: he hates that so many residents have lost their possessions and their homes. >> i do care about the people around here. i do -- my heart does go out to everybody that has had problems.
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>> reporter: so he helped all those people and got violently sick. the question, would you do it again, derek and anita, you know the answer. he said of course. >> great story. gary nurenberg, thank you. new at 11:00, police in prince george's county have released video surrounding a homicide investigation. this is a picture of 30-year-old lawyer -- laurie anne marie wagner. no word on yet who the man is seen with wagner but police are calling him a suspect. if you have any information about the crime, please call police. also new at 11:00, police in dc looking for two shooters wanted in two separate crimes. officers found a man shot to death in the 5200-block of georgia avenue northwest just after 7:00 tonight. at the same time, someone shot a woman twice outside 60 west street northwest. emergency crews took her to the hospital for treatment. police have not released the namsz of the victims. and -- names of the victims. and this just in, word that
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rush limbaugh has been taken to the hospital suffering some chest pains. the radio talk show host had been vacationing in hawaii. tv stations say he became ill at the resort he was staying. they took him to the hospital in serious condition. an inmate awaiting his court hearing will have a new laundry list of charges after attacking two deputies today. that attack happened inside the courthouse and we get the story from brittany morehouse. >> reporter: investigators say the inmate usd a self made instrument to stab one deputy near the eye. they then struggled. he was able to gain control of that officer's weapon and then shoot a second officer who entered the room. >> i think i heard about two gunshots. >> reporter: two deputies attacked by an inmate just before 1:00 in afternoon. >> one deputy was stabbed in the face with an unknown instrument. the other deputy was shot in the leg. >> reporter: it happened in the holding cell where a 30-year-old was awaiting a routine hearing
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for felony bank robbery. the courthouse was swarmed. >> we saw all of these deputies and then we saw people coming out on stretchers and so it was kind of scary. >> reporter: on those stretchers were two deputies, one of them stab by the eye by the inmate. he is in stable condition. >> the deputy who was shot in the leg was lifted by helicopter to fairfax hospital. he is also in stable condition. >> reporter: many questions surround the incident. investigators cannot identify the object used for the stabbing. but by 6:00, phillips faced one count of attempted murder of an officer. >> it's crazy. just -- we're such a small little town and something like this is just absurd. >> reporter: the officer shot is charles embree, 38 years old. he has been with this department for 18 years. the officer stabbed is thomas leak. he is 41 years old. has been in law enforcement for many years but has been with this department for two years. both of those officers are in
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stable condition. the suspect was taken to an undisclosed location. i'm brittany morehouse, 9news now and good news on the job front tonight. virginia's unemployment rate held steady in november. i'm in the 9news now weather center that shows jobless rates for each state in the u.s.. you can go all across. in virginia we're looking at an unemployment rate that is well below the national rate of 10% at 8.5. in maryland 7.3 and dc it sits at 11.8%. now, despite the higher number in dc, a popular job search engine has named the district the best city in the nation right now for finding a job. according to, there is just two unemployed people for jobs posted. detroit ranked last with nearly 21 unemployed people for every job posting. juju uses information from the bureau of labor statistics to come up with its list. attention shoppers, if you
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plan on hitting any grocery stores in dc, you may have to pay a little extra on the checkout. starting this friday, new year's day, it will cost you for every shopping bag you use. the nickel a bag applies to all stores in the district. the money will be helped to pay for program. >> we're going to use it for three main things. one is to educate the public about litter and the rivers. two is to actually clean the waterways themselves. and, three, is to provide reasonable bags to district residents, mostly people of low income and seniors. >> now, there is no charge if you bring your own bag, something reusable like this. several grocery and drug store chains have partnered with the district to give out free reusable shopping bags to customers. anita, tomorrow president obama will receive the preliminary report on what went wrong security wise regarding a passenger trying to blow up a
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plane christmas day. the u.s. has stepped up the pressure on the nation of yemen to get tougher. he is believed to have been trained in yemen and there are hundreds more like him. >> there's a pool of potential terrorists out there that have western pass ports that can board planes without visas. >> that flight last week originated in amsterdam. now every traveler headed from the netherlands to the united states has to pass through one of those full body scanners. well, now to afghanistan where tonight the u.s. state department says a suicide bomber has killed eight american civilians. this one happened at a base run by the cia. u.s. officials say the suicide bomber slid through the security into the room used as a fitness center and then set off the explosives hidden in his belt. looking at news from across the nation, in florida an 11-year-old girl is accused of trying to kill her mother over a pack of cigarettes. police say the girl poured gas
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on the mother's bed and bedroom floor before setting it on fire. the woman survived but suffered serious burns. officers say an argument over some cigarettes may have been the motive that started it all. they also arrested the girl's 15-year-old boyfriend as an accomplice. firefighters in indiana had their hands full trying to put out the flames at a fireworks store. it was closed when the fire started and nobody was hurt. but because of the pyro tech nick -- pyrotecnic, crews had to work fast. how to start off the new year's eve. >> from scary sounding cats to launching bicycles. a look at the stories that have our newsroom talking. devon. first, our wakeup weather tomorrow. we have ice, sleet and the possibility of even some snow. everything mixing into this forecast.
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the very latest data is coming in right now. i'm downloading it. i did so right before i came on to the weather terrace. i'm letting you know what i'm finding out when we return.
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in tonight's flu alert, it now looks like h1n1 not as contagious as viruses in the past that have caused may sif world -- massive worldwide outbreaks. kids are still twice as
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susceptible as adults to getting sick. h1n1 has sickeneded and estimated 1-sixth of the american public since officials first identified the new flu strain back in april. and a new study confirms what many have known all along, the darker the alcohol, the worse your hang overcan be. according to researchers, deeper colored liquors contain more than lighter ones. bourbon contains more than 27% more than vodka and if consumed in excess leads to more nausea the next day. >> that is something to know because who says your new year's eve celebration has to be fueled by alcohol. if you plan to step out, consider one of the family friendly first night parties being held all over our region, like the one in alexandria. >> rain or snow, this event will be happening complete with fireworks. >> dozens of vendors will set up shop along one mile of king street. live bands all over the place. a scavenger hunt for the kids
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and free trolley rides. tickets are 20 bucks but active military get in free and so do kids 12 and under. new at 11:00, the premiere of the new world dc kicking off with a bang. metro held a party in honor of that reality show. more than 700 people rspped for the event -- rsvped for the the event. now that the taping is done, we want to know what the best part of doing the show is in our town. >> we want to see how it picks up when you think about the district. the main thing that i want to see is i work at dc and i want to show that residents have voting rights and we're trying to fix it up. >> voting rights. yeah. the party also celebrated the best of 2009 show with the winners being announced tonight before the real world premiere. metro makes the joint venture. taking a look at stories now that have our newsroom talking, in japan a good samaritan turned his bike into a weapon to stop a
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couple of thieves. take a look. you can see the man on the bike riding on the right side of the screen when he stops a couple on a scooter, the couple goes whizzing by and the man throws his bicycle, wow, at the pair and takes them down. >> that was nice. >> it turns out, derek, the two had just stolen from someone else in that parking lot and were trying to make their get away. >> okay. so it was nice? >> well, it looks painful. okay. spike is becoming a u tube sensation. -- youtube sensation. so far the clip has 12 million hits. he scored a spot for a new commercial for volkswagen. something it wrong with him. >> okay. the power of cat nip compels you to act this way. don't worry. this cat is not possessed or in
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any pain. veterinarians say cats sometimes make this sound when they are extremely excited or in heat. >> look at his eyes, though. what is going on there? >> but it can also mean they're having a bad day. you may not want to mess with the cat. i can't even read this story. what is going on? >> the cat can make a noise like that. >> that's where i say -- -- that's a freakish cat, man. freakish. >> right. [ laughing ] >> i like that. >> okay. >> all right. >> i think that is going to be the sayre nade -- serenade. we're going to look at the weather. i don't think it's a show stopper and going to make everything come to a halt. i'm going to show you the next three days. the district and many of us and right along the chesapeake and south potomac, it's going to be
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a freezing rain event mixing in with sleet. it's going to turn into freezing rain mixing with sleet to the north. and then rain coming in and then a transition to a few flakes as we go to early in the morning hours on new year's day. at least a possibility of that. overcast and cold tonight. 26-32. and then the rain begins tomorrow morning in the form of freezing rain. it's just regular rain. but when you have freezing and below temperatures and water hits that, then it turns to ice. that's why we call it freezing rain. if anything does linger lou the afternoon and -- through the afternoon and evening, it's just rain. this storm system is on its way in. there you see it making its way towards roanoke. and now rain and sleet in higher elevations. tomorrow morning i think we start to see mainly freezing rain along the southern tier of thoo event. pink -- this event. pink, purm shade. freezing -- purple shade. freezing rain and sleet. this is 5:00 we start to see the
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southern zones seeing the mixed precipitation. 9:00 everyone sees that rolling through. and from the bay and on east this is regular old rain. i know we see mixtures of precipitation moving in. don't have to worry about it in maryland. freezing rain across the southern tier as we go through the heart of the district proper and then north the sleet. a very beginning of the event too. a little bit of snow possible. i really think it's more freezing rain and sleet. it's when we go more off to the north and even parts of montgomery county should see this, snow mixing in there. and frederick county that's sleet and all snow. where you see the sleet and snow mixture, we could be looking to 1-3 inches of accumulation. i think that's pretty far off to the north. frederick and hagerstown area. for us around the immediate vicinity, montgomery, prince george's, fairfax, loudoun, prince williams right in this corridor, this is mainly going to be freezing rain, freezing rain and sleet, you may see a few flakes mixing in it.
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afternoon everything is starting to wind down. and if it does linger, it is just rain moving in. and then there is another forecast showing me another realm of precipitation moving in overnight. i'm keeping it mostly dry if we do see something. i think it's pretty light. even in the early morning hours on friday where a few flakes are possible. just to reiterate what i went through here, mainly a rain event here. we have freezing rain, some sleet mixing in through washington and then it's mainly a sleet and snow event as you head up farther north and west. so right in the seven-day forecast. i hope we got a good picture what's going on. we could be looking at some accumulations coming in northwest. but here towards washington dc proper around the most heavily populated counties it's just kind of a dusting and a covering of that freezing rain and not much of a sheet of ice. >> not much of a sheet of ice. [ laughing ] >> i want to know what that cat we saw earlier, what he thinks of that forecast. >> exactly. >> that's what he is saying.
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and it's not good. >> he says that forecast is terrible for me to drive in. >> i'm going to get myself an extra half-hour. >> that is strange. >> i don't know what to make of that. >> no. >> we had to play it again anyway. >> it's a little disturbing looking too. >> yes. the cat is freakish. i like that word. >> yes. [ laughing ] >> i think that tonight in maryland there is some people pretty upset. >> did we get the cat going again? they might have been making the noises. ahead in sports, a surprising finish if college park as the terms see their unbeaten streak get tested. the caps try to avoid usual outcome in san josi. and jim zorn uses brutal honesty to talk about his quarterback's talents. those streerz next.
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and now 9 sports with sara walsh, the best sports in town. >> if william and mary was supposed to be just another cupcake on the pre acc schedule, then consider the trooib one bitter tasting cupcake. behind the back to eric hayes. the terms up terps up six. mcdowell driving here. terps fall 83-77. this is the second road win this season. mason at radford and radford was playing way above the rim. blake smith the alley-oop here. and then minutes later art the rebound and the dunk.
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mason falls hard 80-53. some hockey started late this evening on the west coast. the last time the capitals won in san josi was 1993. all alone on the breakout would make it 1-0 and 75 seconds later mitchell is going to find the back of the net. it's 2-0 right now. that score still holding up in the second period. football and this season jim zorn's coaching ability has been scrutinized more than john and kate's parenting skill. no one can argue against his honesty which included a realistic assessment of his quarterback. jason campbell has yet to have a conversation with the team. campbell ranks the middle of the nfl pack and according to zorn that's not enough for a franchise quarterback. >> a lot of people just wasn't to label every quarter back he's
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got to be a franchise player. i don't know if that is where he's at. i don't think it is. but i think he just continues to improve. >> whatever happens is going to happen. and i'll be ready for any situation whether it's here or anyone else. i just want to get back healthy and appreciate the off season and take care of myself. >> and meanwhile flesher might be the hardest working of the burgundy and gold. he's about pulling harder for the guys in black and gold. flesher is an alternate for the pro bowl game played this year before the superbowl. if the saints go all the way, their linebacker will sit out and flesher will take getting in anyway he can. >> you introduce me as a line backer. you don't say he's a replacement pro bowl. you won't say that. >> greg williams will say i'm
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huge, huge. go saints. [ laughing ] >> he has the right attitude. he can be better about it. >> we'll be right back. last year, when you bought a new subaru
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until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving or engaging in other activities while asleep without remembering it the next day have been reported. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations or confusion. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur. alcohol may increase these risks. allergic reactions such as tongue or throat swelling occur rarely and may be fatal. side effects may include unpleasant taste, headache, dizziness and morning drowsiness. stop fighting with your sleep. get a free 7-night trial on-line and ask your doctor about switching to lunesta. discover a restful lunesta night.
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